Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK)

Jet Charter Services Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK)

Greenway Jet Charter works directly with airports like Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK) to support your air charter and private aviation needs. Together, Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK) and Greenway Jet Charter provide you with the following services: private air charter services, private jet transportation, group transportation, crew transfers, cargo and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support. Whether your party is large or small, whether you’re flying tomorrow or next month, whether you're going across your state or to the other side of the planet, Greenway Jets has a charter to fit your needs, your schedule, your budget, and your plans – each one carbon neutralized at zero cost to you.

Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK)

Kochi, Japan, 58 Hisaeda otsu Nankoku City, Kochi 783-0096, JAPAN
Runway 1: Heading 14/32, 2 500m (8 202ft), 63/F/B/X/T, ILS
Airport Data: Position 33
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